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The Hyperborean playlists archive. Independent and alternative news and other stuff. Are you wondering what really happens inside the matrix you live in? Watch and listen to unvarnished and uncensored truths told with clear words and imagery through alternative indipendent news sources and people who sacrifice much to reveal truths. Truths the corporate media don't bother to cover/uncover.

Watch and listen to content from the alternative stream. Here you'll find hosted radio shows, hosted voice radio, interviews, presentations, lectures amd interesting documentaries. You'll find the absolute best of archived radio on video and live video on alternative topics. Watch chilling top lists, hot clip and short documentaries on all kinds of topics.

Hyperborean follows progress of the UFO/aliens disclosure movement. NASA plus and world's governments and military spend a lot of effort to hide truths to the public. Stay tuned and get the latest news about Bilderberg, the new world order aka the globalists or the cabal, and other secret societies/orders who are playing with the public and destroys our world while they do so. Traces of their bloody greed and rotten mendacity are everywhere. Get rid of the corprorate media. It's a corporate club of liars and the mainstream media platform is their tool. They frack with your soul, your mind ... and your world.

Subjects: radio shows and video with countless topics, hosted talk radio, interviews, lectures, presentations, debates, long and short documentaries, mysticism and paranormal, spirituality, occultism, hidden agendas, independent news, corporate media mendacity, secret societies and secret groups, new world order, Bilderberg, the money mafia or cabal, the one world government agenda, dirty politics, political lies and deception, NASA lies and black budget, UFO and alien, the UFO disclosure agenda, useful lessons about our world, good to know lessons, wildlife and nature, Man and cultures, human ancestry, history and ancient history, our solar system and the universe, top lists, radioactive contamination, the banksters, 4 plus live news channels and live editions, live ISS space cam, plus.

This site is a no-man's news land in english or with english video subs.
Be aware! The matrix is everywhere. Just look around you and you'll find it.