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 Norway Today - Small and Big News from Norway
 The Independent Barents Observer - Barents Region and Arctic

 Document - Uavhengige og Agendasettende Nyheter
 Resett - Verifiserte Alternative Nyheter og Artikler
 Rights - HRS / Human Rights Service
 Nyhetsspeilet - Uavhengige Alternative Nyheter og Artikler
 Webavisen - Toppsaker, norske artikler og nyheter

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 Onlineaviser - Danske Medier
 Onlineaviser - Svenske Medier
 Onlineaviser - European Newspapers
 ENENews - Energy News & Nuclear Fallout Information
 Global Reserch News - Centre for Reserch on Globalisation
 ICIJ - International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
 Hacker News - YCombinator List
 The AntiMedia - Broad-spectrum Anti-establishment Journalism
 Before It's News - Reports from a Community of Individuals
 The Associated Press - Renowned Global News Organization

 Fox News - Latest Talk Shows (HD, long, 20 min +) YouTube
 Iceland Monitor - Latest News and Information
 Finland Today - Latest News in English
 Pravda Report - Russian News and Analysis
 The Times Of India - News Headlines
 9News - Australian National News Headlines

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